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elite athlete performance network

elite athlete performance network



Elite Athlete Performance Network is committed to the holistic development of our athlete’s.

Our programs are designed to physically build athletes from the ground up, preparing them in advance for future demands that their sport may place on them. We use the latest techniques and strategies to maximise the development of each of our athlete’s, but maintain a philosophy of ‘doing the basics right’. Our team of coaches are known industry leaders with a proven track record of successfully developing a range of athlete’s through their formative years into elite sport. Each coach has an extensive range of both academic and practical knowledge providing all athlete’s with an unmatched experience.

The use of elite athletes as mentors within our programs provides program participants with a unique opportunity to mix with current sports stars and gain invaluable inside knowledge on how to make it to the elite level. They not only provide face to face coaching and mentoring but also ongoing support through our online learning and communication centres. We welcome all aspiring athletes to become part of the Elite Athlete Performance Network, so don’t wait, take up the opportunity now!


“Think of yourself as an athlete……it will change the way you walk, the way you work, and the decisions you make about leadership, teamwork and success.

Why do I want people to claim an athlete identity? Athletes walk with pride. They try new things. They persist in the face of doubt and defeat. They practise, they discipline themselves, they know who their teammates are and how to help them. When you think of yourself as an athlete, it affects how you view competitive challenges, how you view opponents, how receptive you are to instruction from a coach or mentor. When you see yourself as an athlete, you take your own needs of physical fitness and athletic expression seriously, making conscious choices about nutrition, stretching, strengthening and resting. You set realistic goals – on and off the playing fields – then strive for them. You achieve more than you otherwise would.”

Mariah Burton Nelson